Global series
Global series

Main features:

  • heat Pump type;
  • capacity Range: 8 kW to 16 kW;
  • single Phase: 220V, 1N, 50/60Hz;
  • refrigerant Cooling PCB;
  • all Flare Connections, The Easiest VRF to Install;
  • all DC inverter compressors and DC fan motors;
  • connect up to 9 indoor units;
  • wide operation range: cooling: -5°C ~ 55°C; heating: -20°C ~ 24°C;
  • total piping length is 100m, the longest piping is 60m(actual)/70m(equivalent) , height difference between ODU&IDU is 30m(ODU up)/20m(ODU down), height difference between IDU is 10m.