Direct Expansion

Indoor & Outdoor units for single & multi split

With Clivet split systems, a wide range of outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps works seamlessly with innovative indoor air handlers to create reliable solutions that are easy-to-install and service for a wide range of commercial HVAC needs.

Outdoor Units Light Commercial

Clivet’s Light Commercial range of Air Conditioning equipment bridges the gap between domestic and commercial product, offering high efficiencies, quality engineering and stylish design. These products are targeted at the Light Commercial market such as small to medium sized commercial office developments, restaurants and retail applications.

Wall mounted units
Single Split and Multi Split

Main features:

  • Capacity range: 12000Btu/h~36000Btu/h;
  • Fixed or Inverter type, Cooling only unit or Heat pump unit;
  • Ice circuit design achieve higher efficiency;
  • Long-distance windblast, reaching maximum 25m;
  • Super Ionizer and Dual Filtration;
  • Tropical operation.
Side discharge outdoor
Light Commercial

Main features:

  • Capacity range: 18000Btu/h~55000Btu/h (Depends on model).
  • Fixed or Inverter type, Cooling only unit or Heat pump unit.
  • Ice circuit design achieve higher efficiency.
  • Constant Air Volume Control technology of split duct unit.
  • High Static Pressure up to 160Pa for split duct.
  • Slim Round Flow design for split cassette.
  • Outdoor unit is side discharge with compact design, small print.
  • Tropical operation.
Outdoor unit
  • Capacity range: 18-60 KBtu/h;
  • cooling only and fix speed compressor;
  • operating ambient temperature 17 ~ 52 ˚C (cooling);
  • long piping length. Max. piping length: 55m (suitable for scroll compressor, 25m for Rotary compressor);
  • max. vertical distance between ODU and IDU: 46m (Notes: suitable for scroll compressor, 15m for rotary compressor);